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    2nd grade    Room 25

    School starts at 8:00. Please be on time. We already have many tardies.
    In the morning we line up right by room 22 on the side by the cafeteria. For recess and lunch, we line up on the other side by the drinking fountains. We line up on room 31 painted on the ground.


    Readers are leaders!
    School begins promptly at 8:00. Please be on time.
    If your child is sick, you can email me a note with the reason for absence.
    Check the calendar for upcoming events!
     Please email me: maureen.dougherty@sausd.us 
    How much sleep should you and your children get?
    Go to Helpful Links to watch.
    cats in bathroom
    These are my 2 cats when they were kittens.
    Frida has white paws and her nickname is Princess.
    Rembrandt is the one on the right and his nick name is Fatso.
    Here is a more recent photo of the two of them.
    Cats on table
    Do you see why I call him Fatso. He weighs 15 pounds!
    That photo was taken in 2009. they are still the same, just older now.
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