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Mr. Contreras

Hello Parents/Guardians,


  Welcome to my teacher page! I hope that as you read, you are doing well. We are back on campus for the 2022/2023 school-year, and we are looking forward to a successful year. We are happy to be back on campus and back in the classroom. We will be using various resources in order to provide your student with the necessary academic instruction in order for your student have successful school-year. 

  In order to make this year successful , we will require a team effort. In other words. you, your student, and I will be considered to be a like a unit (team), therefore, working together in order to achieve success and to make things as easy as possible for everyone. By working as a team, I feel that communication is key in order to succeed. Therefore, expect me to communicate with you  as often as possible and or when necessary. As for expectations, I expect students to join class on a daily basis and to be on time, furthermore, coming prepared as if they had class on campus.   Students will be expected to follow a given set of rules and expectations. For example, demonstrate respect to peers and staff. With that said, you can contribute to your students' success by helping him or her manage time, communicating with the teacher, following up on your students' homework, discuss class rules and expectations, etc. 


Note: You may reach me during my prep/conference period, which is period 3 (See Syllabus or check overview page).


 If you need to contact me, you may do so during school hours. You may call me at the following number: Ext. 63496

 If you would like to reach via email, you may do so as well. My email is the following:


Mr. Contreras