• Completing Linear Functions y=mx+b

    Posted by Marc Petrie on 11/12/2013
    We are completing the section on y=mx+b this week and will be taking a group test on Thursday and a Common Assessment on Friday before starting work on Systems of Linear Equations.
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    Posted by Marc Petrie on 10/31/2013
    Rocket Science Tutors starts Thursday!
     Don't miss your chance to work with UCI graduate students and professional engineers on fun projects like building a catapult, measuring how much air is in a room, making rubber balls, building bridges AND launching a rocket.  It all starts Thursday, November 7 at 2:30 p.m in Mr. Petrie's room, room 1205.
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  • Y = mx + b!!!!!

    Posted by Marc Petrie on 10/31/2013
    This week, students will develop new connections between multiple representations of patterns and identify rules for these patterns using the y = mx + b form of a linear equation.  Students will then apply their understanding of m as growth factor and b as Figure 0 or the starting point of the pattern to write a rule from a graph and to create a pattern based on a linear rule, then apply their understanding of growth, Figure 0, and connections between multiple representations to situations where they are presented with disparate pieces of information and must generate a complete pattern.  
    This is getting to the meat of Algebra!  How exciting!!!! 
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  • Chapter 4 - Multiple Representations

    Posted by Marc Petrie on 10/29/2013 7:00:00 AM
    We are starting a new chapter -- Chapter 4 -- Multiple Representations.  In this chapter, we will learn how to change nay representation of data (such as a graph, pattern, rule, or table) to any of the other representations.  We will also learn how to find the point where two lines intersect.  And, we will use the connection between graphs, tables, rules, and patterns to solve problems.
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