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    Chavez High School

    Biology I

     Standard Mastery Objectives 1


    Biology Semester1 625AF


    Standard #6 Ecology: Develop an understanding of ecosystems, biodiversity, geochemical cycles, food and energy pyramids food webs and fluctuations in population size.


    Ecology chapters 2-5 Glencoe Biology

    1.     Define and understand the following academic vocabulary and use it in a sentence: ecology, environment, habitats, immigration, emigration, nonnative species, ecosystem, abiotic, biotic, decomposers.


    2.     Take notes on lecture by teacher.

    3.     Select two dates from the time line Milestones in Ecology (pgs. 32- 33) think about what events could of evolved due to the milestone and list at least three of your thoughts for each date. 


    4.     Explain in a paragraph:(Chapter 5) biodiversity and its importance. What happens if biodiversity is lost?

    5.     Play the population game then list the four factors that cause fluctuation in population size in an ecosystem and explain how each factor affected the population in your game.

    6.     Complete Mini lab 2.1 construct a food web: on page 42 answer the analysis questions.

    7.     Read &summarize:  pg. 50 To dam or not to dam

         Pg. 106 Cutting Edge Biology Bioinformatics

    Pg. 136 In the field Career: Conservationist Wangarai Maathai


    8.     Research about one particular national park and write a report with the following information: what biome it is in, location, climate, major attraction, native animals, native plants, distance driving time from Santa Ana, best time to visit, accommodations, activities, food chain of organisms in the area, etc.  (This project may receive 20 points if done well)


    9.     Complete the Exploration the Lessons on Kaibab by graphing and answering the questions. (ask for this activity from the teacher)

    10.  Complete the group activity on succession.

    11.  Complete the owl pellet dissection and complete the follow up assignment.

    12.  Take notes on movie shown by the teacher.

    13.  Complete:  End of the unit multiple-choice test.



    Chavez High School

    Biology I

    Standard Mastery Objective 2

    Biology Semester I 625AF


    Standard #1: Cell Biology: develop an understanding of cellular organelles, viruses, organic macromolecules production, respiration, photosynthesis, the electron transport system the activity of enzymes, and mitochondria.


     Cell Chapters 7 – 9 Glencoe Biology 2007 edition


    1.     Define and show understand the following academic vocabulary using them in complete sentences: Eukaryote, Organelle, Homeostasis, Diffusion, Selective permeability, Enzyme, citric acid cycle, Photosynthesis, Cellular Respiration, ATP.

    2.     Take notes on the Lecture by teacher. 

    3.     Differentiate between a prokaryotic cells and eukaryotic cells and viruses. Pg. 186 & pg. 525

    4.     Complete Study Guide: Plasma membrane (attached)

    5.     Explain the role of the following cellular organelles in detail:  endoplasmic reticulum & Golgi apparatus in secretion of proteins, mitochondria in making energy available to cells. Pgs. 194, 195, 197.

    6.     Read and summarize the following sections out of the book:

    In the Field, Career Field Chemist pH and alkalinity Pg. 172

    Cutting – Edge Biology Tracking Human Evolution pg. 234

          Stem Cells: Paralysis Curd? Pg. 258

    7.     Explain in a paragraph: a) the goal of photosynthesis, include the chemical equation for photosynthesis. Include in your paragraph where photosynthesis take place (Section 8.2 b) the goal of cellular respiration include the chemical equation for cellular respiration and where cellular respiration takes place. (Section 8.3)

    Complete the concept mapping worksheet on Photosynthesis and Respiration as a review. (attached)

    8.     Make a Foldable to help you understand how cells reproduce by process of mitosis. Look at Pg. 243 for directions.  Once you have made the foldable complete the section summary on Pg. 252 by copying the section summary then answer the Understand the main ideas questions # 1-5 on back of the foldable.

    9.     Perform lab activity: Cockroach respiration

    10.  Perform lab activity: Catalase experiment

    11.  Write a complete movie summary from a movie shown in class.

    12.  Complete: Unit end multiple choice test.






    Cesar Chavez High School

    Biology I

    Standard Mastery Objective 3


    Standard# 3 Genotype and Phenotype: Develop an understanding of Mendelian genetics, inheritance, genetic disorder, monohybrid crosses, and dihybrid crosses.

    Standard #4 Genes as a set of Instructions: Develop an understanding of protein synthesis, genetic coding, mutations, specialization of cells, and how the sequences of amino acids can produce different proteins.

    Standard #5 DNA and genetic engineering: Develop an understanding of the application of base pairing rules during replication and transcription, and the use of

    genetic engineering.




    Genetics  (chapters 10 – 13) Pg. 266-381 in Glencoe Science Biology


    1.              Define and understand the following academic terms & write complete sentences with each term: allele, gamete, genotype, hybrid, recessive,

                double helix, codon, messenger RNA, mutation, nitrogen base.              

    2.              Take notes: On teacher’s Lecture

    3.              Complete a computer activity on onion root tip mitosis at the following website www.biology.arizona.edu/cell_bio/activities/cell_cycle/cell_cycle.html ask for worksheets from the teacher.

    4.              Explain in a paragraph what is meiosis? Explain the process in detail. Where this type of division occurs? Why this process is important. Compare meiosis with Mitosis pg. 275 summarize the similarities and differences.

    5.              Write in a paragraph what were Mendel’s accomplishments in the study of
    Differentiate between the Law of Segregation and the law of Independent Assortment, two laws that Mendel discovered. Pg. 277- 280

    6.              Complete the following questions on pgs.  289- 290 #s 10, 14, 18 & 23.

    7.              Differentiate the structure and function of DNA, RNA, and protein by creating a chart.

    8.              Study Queen Victoria’s Pedigree on pg. 308 what important information is pertinent for us to understand from this diagram. List at least three things you learned.

    9.              Make a foldable to help you understand the steps of transcription and translation

    Pg. 325 use pgs. 337 – 339 for information.

    10.           Complete the Investigation: How can karyotype analysis detect genetic disorders? Ask teacher for a copy of this lab if you want to do it.

    11.           Complete a computer karyotype activity at the following website /www.biology.arizona.edu/human_bio/activities/karyotyping/karyotyping.html


    12.           Read and summarize: Pg. 286 In the field Career: Plant Geneticist

       Pg. 350 Bio Discoveries Unraveling the Double Helix

       (Extra credit writing in biology bottom of page)

    13.           Complete strawberry DNA extraction lab. Do the lab follow up in your lab notebook

    14.           Take notes :on the movie shown in class

    15.           Complete: End of the unit multiple-choice test.







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