• Cesar E. Chavez High School
    Mr. Park
    Class Expectations 2016 - 2017

    Grading: This class is graded on point system.  Each assignment you turn in will increase the points you have to complete this course.
    students have 45 days to finish a class to earn 5 credits. On day 24, students will get a progress report. Grades are on Aries so parents and students can check their grades anytime.  Points will be deducted for phone use not related to classwork.
    Activities/Assignments: Class activities and assignments vary from 5 to 20 points. If you did not finish an assignment, finish as homework.
     If you are absent, it is your responsibility to ask for and make up the assignment.
    Lab Notebook: Students will take notes and complete lab assignments, make observations & answer daily review questions in their notebook. These lab notebooks stay in the classroom in designated drawers. Students will be notified couple of days in advance as to when it will be graded. The lab notebooks graded 3 times per quarter and will be about 50-60% of total grade.
    Possible Extra Credit
    Current Events: Students can choose interesting science current events articles to read and complete a prepared form (10 points or more depending on the extent of the article). The maximum points allowed - 50 points. (newspapers, magazines, cnn.com, register.com., latimes.com., sciencedaily.com)

    Reading Essentials workbook: Students can read and reinforce the concepts in the standards and respond on the pages assigned.

     If any parents need to contact me, please call after 2:20 (every weekday except for Wednesday) and I will be very happy to discuss concerns about your child. Phone number is (714) 430-5700. email: chu.park@sausd.us
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Last Modified on December 12, 2016