• Mrs.Devora Lemus NBCT -Art Teacher

    Chavez High School


    Drawing and Painting Syllabus

    5Credit Semester Course


    All Students will master the Elements of Art and Principals of Design

    through academic study, analysis and hands on experience.


    Each art project will be worth 25 to 100pts depending on size and duration.


    Projects and readings will be based and taught through

    the California State Art Standards for 9-12 Grade Proficient to Advanced

    continuing through the semester courses.


    Topics to be covered:

    Art History

    Art Movements and Techniques

    Color Theory: Value-tint/shades, Intensity, Color Wheel, Warm and Cool Colors.

    Color Schemes: Monochromatic, Analogous, Complimentary, Triad and Neutral.  

    Drawing Techniques: Contour, Gesture, Texture, Shading, Sketching, Cartooning, One andTwo Point Perspective, Positive and Negative Space.

    Painting Techniques:  Brush Work, Tempera,Watercolor, and Acrylic.

    Student Art Exhibits and other Special Projects



    All work must be handing in by due date assigned.

    Art Projects: Graded on a Rubric for Art Technique/Skill, Usage of Elements and Principals of Art, Neatness/Craftsmanship, fulfilling the purpose of the assignment, Originality and Creativity:    up to 600 pts.

    Formal Analysis of a Work of Art: 30 pts. each

    Readings and Text Book Questions: 10-40 pts. per assignment

    Daily Warm-ups, Notes, Thinking Maps, Study Assignments: 10-100 pts. each

    Extra Possible Assignments;
    Art Biography Research Paper-5 pages typed plus bibliography
    Meet the Masters Web Project with Art Copy

     (Virtual or Actual) Museum Visit Report

    Art Career Research - 3 pages

    **Special Projects, Student Designed Projects and Art Contests:

                                       Credit Amount given with Prior Approval from Art Teacher
    *Final Grade will be determined by the total average calculated of your earned grades on projects and assignments.









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