• Chavez High School


    Drawing and Painting

    Classroom Expectations


    The class will operate as an art studio with each student a resident artist. Resident artists will be respected as a member of an artist community.



    The rules of our art community are as follows:

    1.    All student artists will be responsible for their own studio space, keeping it clean and in working condition.

    a)   Desk wiped down free of paint or any visible marks.

    b)    All material returned in good condition to their proper location.

    c)    All paper or debris removed from the floor and thrown away.

    d)    The sink and counters to be wiped clean and kept neat. Max 3 students in sink area at a time!

    * Easy to remember IF YOU USE IT, CLEAN IT AND PUT IT BACK!!!

         2. All student artists will be respectful of every member of our artist community which means we speak with respect about each other’s art works and we ask politely with please and thank you for sharing materials and we help each other in cleaning our studio.

         3. At no time will any artist touch or destroy another artists’ artwork. This includes helping another artist; you may talk them through the steps or model it for them on your own work.

    4.    As an art studio it is important to be here on time, begin work, stay on task and clean before the end of class. Being mindful of time and how it affects how our studio is important so that the studio runs smoothly. If any student is keeping another student from completing work by excessive talking or playing around, then we need to meet to remedy the issue.


    Above all each member has the right to an environment where he/she can be creative and productive to learn and experience art.


    5.    Cell phones are NOT allowed out during class time. If I see it, I take it and you can get it after school- 3 times I give it to the office for parent to pick up. Private music players (I can’t hear it) can be used during the studio time but not during direct instruction. Also, if you are not being productive and are just listening to music, I will take it until you start working.

    6.     No food or drink, except water is allowed in the studio at any time.

    7.     Follow all the rules of Cesar E Chavez School – serious offenses as listed in SCHOOL WIDE RULES will result in immediate office referral.


    If you choose to break a rule:

    1.    First time- Verbal Warning and Detention if needed- example; to clean a mess left by the student or to have a private discussion of the issue with the teacher.

    2.    Second offense- Written letter of apology to art community and to parent and a detention of deep cleaning the classroom.

    3.    Third offense- Parent Conference plus penalty resolution.

    4.    Forth offense- Office referral and possible removal from art community.

    5.    Note all serious offenses will be immediately reported to office/police/parents as appropriate.


    Students who follow all rules will be rewarded with a class that treats them like real artists and with the respect that an artist deserves.


     An art studio gives students the freedom to create art that interests them and receive individual art instruction from the teacher.


    Thank you for your help in creating an art studio environment that we can all enjoy and be happy to be in.


    Art comes from the mind, is created by the hand and is enjoyed by the soul.


    Welcome to our Community of Artists,


    Mrs. Devora Lemus NBCT -Art Teacher

Last Modified on December 21, 2016