Tim Titus 
    Room 723
    Psych symbol in a brain
    AP/IB Psychology, Psychology
    Class Schedule

    You can join each class by clicking the link on Google Classroom or by logging into Aeries and clicking Join.

    Period 2: Psychology
    Period 3: Psychology  
    Period 4: AP Psychology 
     Period 6:  IB Psychology 2022-2023  
    Period 7: IB Psychology 2023-2025
    Tutoring: Monday - Thursday 7:15 am; Thursdays after school by appointment
    Email: timothy.titus@sausd.us
    Phone: 714-569-6300 Extension 63422


    Students: For information on homework and reminders about each day in class, please visit our Google Classroom. 

    Parents: If you would like to be informed about all assignments, email be at the above address and I will invite you to our Google Classroom.


    Grading Policies


    Psychology and AP Psychology Grading Policies:

    • Summative Assessments: 35%

    • Formative Assessments: 20%

    • Guided Practice Work: 30%

    • Independent Practice Work: 15%


    IB Grading Policy:

    • Summative Assessments: 40%

    • Formative Assessments: 25%

    • Guided Practice Work: 20%

    • Independent Practice Work: 15%

Last Modified on August 11, 2023