• Name:  Monica Dalton

    Department:  AVID

    E-mail:  monica.dalton@sausd.us

    Class Schedule:









     A FINAL NOTE (clearly will be updated as we move forward haha!)

    I hope you all understand that-- not only are you our number one priority during this period of uncertainty-- but, as you all know, you are the only family I have left in the area. Please know that not only do I plan to introduce more opportunities for interaction (I'M COOKING!!! Please add me on IG for more details if you want any of the food I make...... I AM SERIOUS!!!), but also to be available via video conferencing at specific days/times. Check back here and Google Classroom for updates. Meaning, not only do I miss you all tremendously, but I want to do everything in my power to make sure you are all okay. And well fed lol. Hope to see you guys sometime soon online...... from the bottom of my heart, I love you all very much and wish you all good health, security/safety, and the endless strength I know you all have to be able to make it moving forward. You are all brilliant, kind, strong, and resilient....... and we absolutely WILL encounter one another sooner rather than later, I promise you!!! xoxoxo D.

    UC Berkeley Main Library at Night


    Photo courtesy of the UC Berkeley Class of 2015 (Kempf, Elena, 2011)
    This is also known as the most awesome public university ever known to humanity,
    the University of California Berkeley.  Go Bears.



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