Units of Study 2021-2022

  • September: Our Leaders, Our World (Social Studies; Government; Civics)

    Essential Question: What is the role of goverment in our lives? How does democracy compare to other forms of government?

    Key concepts: voting, government, laws, branches of government

    Unit Vocabulary

    October: What is an Ecosystem? (Science; Earth Science; Biology)

    Essential Question: How does life co-exist in different biomes?

    Key conepts:

    Unit Vocabulary

    November: Across the Miles (Social Studies; Geography)

    Essential Question: Why do people travel? How do we get fromplace to place safely?

    Key concepts: maps, states, safety, types of transportation

    Unit Vocabulary

    December: Holidays and Helping Others (Social Studies)

    Essential Quesition: How do cultural differences influence customs around holidays?

    Key concepts: holidays, customs, family, traditions

    Unit Vocabulary

    January: What a Change! (Science; Chemistry)

    Essential Question: How does heating, cooling, and mixing affect the physical and chemical properties of food?

    Key concepts: cooking, heat, mix, solid, liquid, gas

    Unit Vocabulary

    February: American Peacekeepers (Social Studies; History)

    Essential Question: How have people fought for rights and freedoms in U.S. history?

    Key concepts: peace, protest, rights, freedom, compromise

    Unit Vocabulary

    March: Buzzing with Energy (Science; Physical Science)

    Essential Question: How do we use energy in our lives? What types of energy are there?

    Key concepts: light, heat, electricity, sound, work

    Unit Vocabulary

    April: Right on the Money (Social Studies; Math; Economics)

    Essential Question: How can we make, save, and spend money?

    Key concepts: money, budget, loan, credit, savings

    Unit Vocabulary

    May: Caring for our Earth (Science; Earth Science; Ecology)

    Essential Question: What are some ways we can clean and care for our environment?

    Key concepts: pollution, recycle, reuse, reduce

    Unit Vocabulary