Carr Intermediate Dance Program

Dance 3 2018-2019
  • The Dance Program at Carr Intermediate is a series of classes that take place during the school day. Students can choose to take this performing arts class instead of General PE and receive PE credit. This also allows students to take an additional elective. When a student elects to enroll in dance, they are placed in 1 of 3 levels. Students who are new to dance at Carr are enrolled in Dance 1, no matter their grade level. After students have completed Dance 1, they have the opportunuty to progress to Dance 2 or Dance 3; however, placement in Dance 2 and Dance 3 is based on an audition to determine appropriate placement for student success. At the end of the school year all dance students perform in a final concert that showcases teacher choreography as well as students' projects.

  • The Dance Program provides a unique opportunity for Carr students to develop critical thinking skills, expand vocabulary through kinesthetic learning, and grow in their appreciation for the arts. The students are also able to build their confidence, self-efficacy, and explore their self-expression. Dance students learn to perform skills and technique for specific dance genres, learn to reflect on their own work as well as others, how to provide clear feedback, and develop evidence-based analyses of artistic intent. Due to the nature of the physicality of dance, students will also develop their physical fitness levels, anatomical knowledge and awareness, and the importance of healthy nutrition.

  • Taking dance is a unique and rewarding experience. Click on the link below to be taken to Mrs. Aquino's page.