• Homework is an integral part of Engage 360°, which is why the after school program team is determined to assist students and provide support by reinforcing the skills learned in school and provide a designated time and environment to complete school assignments. 

      The Expanded Learning Team has developed the Homework Success Indicators to guide Instructional Providers toward successful homework support.  The Homework Success Indicators include:

      • Systems & Supports,
      • Staff Expectations,
      • and Student Expectations.

      Homework Success Indicators Video


      High Yield are independent activities that reinforce skills taught in the classroom, by combining learning and play.

      When are high yield activities incorporated into Engage 360°?

      • Early Release Wednesdays
      • After Homework is completed
      • During the Summer Program

      What tools and resources are used to develop high yield activities?

      • Student textbooks
      • Curriculum Maps
      • High Yield activity banks
      • Teachers


    • The Engage 360° program provides a robust Health & Wellness Initiative, called Sound Mind & Body. The goal of Sound Mind & Body is to offer programming that supports three key areas:

      1. Physical Education
      2. Nutrition
      3. Social Emotional Learning

      The initiative is supported by a collaboration of district and community partners, with each agency contributing their area of expertise and resources.  The partnership includes: Engage 360°, Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Orange Coast, Orange County Department of Education, and Pupil Support Services.


    • Educational enrichment activities in the after school program include unique services in one of the five areas:

      1. Arts and Culture
      2. Science Technology Engineering and Math (STEM)
      3. 21st Century Skills
      4. College and Career Readiness
      5. Specialized Movement. 

      Enrichment activities are designed to enhance the implementation of the current State Standards.

      Engage 360° has been fortunate to establish partnerships with community providers who share the same vision, mission, and goals as well as provide unique, quality enrichment opportunities for SAUSD students.  The following community providers offer enrichment during a 12-week long program at all Engage 360° sites:

      • Active Learning—Dance
      • Brain Builders- Engineering
      • Dreams for School- Web Development/Coding
      • Discovery Cube– Science
      • OC Children’s Therapeutics Arts Center– Arts
      • José Hernández Mariachi Academy- Music
      • Toyama Karate-Do- Martial Arts


    • Club programming is a powerful best practice to include and increase student voice and choice.  They are developed to meet students' needs and interests to ensure student engagement. The Engage 360° staff use the Club Programming Process to ensure high-quality Club design, which includes

      1. Assessing student interests via surveys or focus groups as well assess the talents and interest of the staff;
      2. Plan a Club that matches a student need with an interest (e.g., Writing skills with Anime interest)
      3. Calendar out the Club to plan benchmark events along the way (e.g. tournament, performance, etc.) and determine any necessary resources
      4. Market the Club to get students excited to sign up (e.g., posters, flyers, assemblies)
      5. Implement the Club and track attendance /participation to determine if club continues or needs changes

      All Clubs should…

      • Be FUN
      • Have a staff facilitator that is passionate or a skill for the Club
      • Empower students as much as possible in the operation of the Club