Units of Study 2022-2023

  • September: My Country, My Rights (Social Studies; Government; Civics)

    Essential Question: What are our rights as citizens? How does the constitution protect those rights?

    Key concepts: government, laws, Revolutionary war, slavery

    Unit Vocabulary

    October: Middle School Science Fair (Science)

    Essential Question: How do we use the scientific method to solve problems?

    Key conepts: questioning, research, process, scientific method

    Unit Vocabulary

    November: Our Place in Space (Earth and Space Science)

    Essential Question: How does the Earth fit in and compare with other planets and features of our solar system?

    Key concepts: astronomy, planets, solar system

    Unit Vocabulary

    December: It's a Tradition (Social Studies)

    Essential Quesition: How do cultural differences influence customs around holidays?

    Key concepts: holidays, customs, family, traditions

    Unit Vocabulary

    January: We need Change (Social Studies)

    Essential Question: How does conflict contribute to personal and societal changes?

    Key concepts: conflict, war, compromise

    Unit Vocabulary

    February: What Makes This Place Special? (Social Studies; Geography)

    Essential Question: How and why do people travel to places?

    Key concepts: natural, man-made, maps, travel

    Unit Vocabulary

    March: Making Waves: Light and Sound (Science; Physical Science)

    Essential Question: How do light and sound waves travel and interact with different materials?

    Key concepts: light, sound, reflect, absorb, waves

    Unit Vocabulary

    April: I Can Earn Money (Social Studies; Math; Economics)

    Essential Question: How can we make, save, and spend money?

    Key concepts: money, budget, loan, credit, savings

    Unit Vocabulary

    May: Why Are My Eyes Brown? (Science; Life Science)

    Essential Question: How are different traits passed from parents to children?

    Key concepts: genetics, DNA, traits

    Unit Vocabulary