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  • Jackson Soccer Academy

    College Pathway  - 2021

    Mission:  The mission of the Jackson Soccer Academy is to accelerate students in reaching their academic and life goals.  The academy focuses on three areas:  academic success, 21st-century skills, character development, and individual soccer player development.  

    Vision:  Jackson Soccer Academy participants will be the future stars in the classroom, on the field, and in life.  Jackson is a destination school for students that want to advance their academics and soccer in Southern California and seamlessly feeds into advanced playing opportunities at high levels of Club, College, and beyond.


    ACADEMIC Focus:

    The Jackson Soccer Academy supports students in accelerating their learning to reach and exceed their academic goals.  We provide proactive academic support and tutoring establishing a strong foundation and placing participants on a firm path to future college scholarships and professional opportunities.

    • Offerings include: Mentoring, Goal Setting & Monitoring, Targeted Tutoring, Reading Book Clubs, & Homework Assistance.


    CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT, WORK HABITS, & 21st Century Skills- Participants commit to go above and beyond the Jackson Pledge by being active leaders and positive leaders in our society. Players Implement Core Foundational Values listed below 


    Jackson Core Foundational Values

    Kindness & Compassion


    Teamwork & Cooperation


    Honesty (Integrity)

    Courage & Creativity




    SOCCER & ATHLETIC DEVELOPMENT- Players will directly benefit from an environment that promotes creativity and freedom while providing sufficient structure and guidance.  Players will be challenged to play the game intelligently.

    • Access to highest quality development opportunities including: Free play Soccer/Futsal, Intramural games Futsal, Professional Training with Licensed coaches, Competitive games & showcases, Speed, Agility, and Quickness training,  
    • Create and host a recreational play for elementary-age students.
    • Field 2-3 competitive girls and boys teams