• Tk, K & 1st grade:

    • Singing 
      • Learn classic children repertoire songs
      • Matching Pitch 
      • Building confidence & the love for singing
    • Movement
      • Moving to the beat
      • Body/Hand motions when songs have them
      • Movement to serve as visual/kinesthetic aid when building aural skills
      • Rhythmic movement where appropriate/Body coordination to Aural Skills
    • Music Literacy
      • Reading & manipulating musical pitch & rhythm

    2nd & 3rd grade:

    • Music Literacy through basics of Piano
    • General Music

    4th Grade:

    • Beginning Band: Clarinet, Flute, Trumpet, Trombones
    • Beginning Strings: Violin, Cello
    • Singing Cubs
    • **It is common for more than half of instrument students to also be in a chorus group, whether it is Singing Cubs or Treble Makers.

    5th Grade: 

    • Advanced Band: Clarinet, Flute, Trumpet, Trombones
    • Advanced Strings: Violin, Cello
    • Singing Cubs

    Mixed 4th/5th grade

    • Treble Makers: Auditioned chorus. This group of students can audition again end of winter to try out for Honor Choir.

    Honor Ensembles:

    Honor Ensembles are exceptional 4th and 5th grade students who are sent to our annual SAUSD District-Wide honor concerts. Students must audition and there is a limit to the number of students who are accepted each year. These students also attend separate rehearsals throughout the year.

    • Honor Band
    • Honor Choir
    • Honor Orchestra (aka strings)

    Concerts throughout the year

    • Grade 2/3 Piano concert at Open House
    • Grade 4/5 Music Ensembles: Christmas & Spring Concert at Jackson;
    • Chorus groups participate in the annual Spurgeon Festival at Spurgeon Intermediate
    • Honor Ensemble: Attend an evening concert at either Valley High School or Santa Ana High School in the spring