Mrs. Darlene Kriesel is an English Language Arts teacher at Cesar Chavez High School. Mrs. Kriesel provides a learning environment rooted in creating agency in students so that they are prepared to fight to acquire and maintain their place in the American story. She believes education is justice. She fosters the notion that students are best able to learn when they feel not only safe in the room, but feel good about who they are, where they come from and who they can potentially become. She understands that silence is voicelessness and erasure.  She, therefore, teaches students the value of the written word, verbal skills, and of critical thinking. Her curriculum has clear learning outcomes and matching assessments, engaging learning experiences, and instructional strategies - organized into sequenced units of study. She understands inquiry inspires critical thinking and will assist students in decoding information in a society filled with an excess of information.  

    She looks forward to working with Cesar Chavez High School students and staff to bring quality education to each student that they deserve.


    For more information on what she does, click on www.mrskriesel.com


    If you need to contact Mrs. Kriesel:


    Email:  darlene.kriesel@sausd.us


    Appointment: 714-430-5707