• Grading & Citizenship  
    Student Performance:
    This grade is based on all other assignments that students are expected to complete for a given class. This grade will also include the teachers’ assessment of a student’s effort within the class.
    Citizenship and Work habits:
    This grade reflects the students’ behavior in class and will reflect factors such as participation, readiness to learn, cooperation, following class rules, attendance and punctuality.  
    Grades & Citizenship Table  

    Student Accountability
    Student accountability is a key component of our school culture. Our philosophy is that if students are going to meet the standards which are set for them they must know what the standards are and know where they stand relative to the standards at any given time. Therefore, we have developed a system for students to monitor their own progress towards the content area standards using the Mendez Data Tracker located in the Mendez Agenda. Each student will record his/ her score on each Common Assessment, Benchmark Performance Task, and MAP Test by subject. In this way, students and parents can see progress towards mastery of the standards each step of the way.
    Common Core State Standards
    Learn more about the standards. Please click on the appropriate link to access a PDF of the standards. ENGLISH LANGUAGE ARTS // MATHEMATICS // SCIENCE (Next Generation Science Standards) // SOCIAL STUDIES // ELD STATE STANDARDS
    Student Behavior Matrix
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