Course Syllabus

    Dear Parents:

    Welcome to the 2023-2024 school year. I, Mr. Eric Faust, will be your student's  Math teacher this school year.


    This year in math we will be working on seven major concepts spread out the school year.

    1.      Ratios and Proportional Reasoning: Students will be shown how to represent ratios, and identify the differences and similarities between ratios, rates, and unit rates.


    2.       Arithmetic Operations: Adding, Subtracting, Dividing, and Multiplying fractions. Finding the GCF (Greatest Common Factor) and the LCM (Least Common Multiple).


    3.      Rational Numbers: Working with positive and negative numbers.


    4.      Expressions: Solve equations using PEMDAS and solving expressions using one or more variables representing numbers.


    5.      Equations and Inequalities: Solve multi-step equations, use graphs and tables to represent answers to an equation.


    6.      Geometry: Using formulas to solve for circles, rectangles, squares, and triangles.


    7.      Statistics: Students will learn how to collect, organize, and represent data. They will display their data using the appropriate graphical display.

    Students are expected to bring the following materials for their math class every day.

    1) Chrome books


    2) Math Taking Notebook



    Classroom Rules and Expectations


    I have one rule that must be followed while here on campus at Willard.


    Rule 1- You must treat everyone with respect. When you’re in my class, or in the hallway, having lunch, etc. your student must treat everyone with respect. I tell my students they need to treat people as they would like to be treated. If someone is disrespecting another student or teacher I will make sure to inform the student of their behavior and follow through with consequences listed below.

    Consequences for breaking the rules listed above.

    1) Warning
    2) Conference with student and teacher, detention
    3) Meeting with the student, teacher, and counselor, detention
    4) Meeting with the student, teacher, counselor, and assist-principal, detention, and/or possible suspension.
    5) Meeting with the student, teacher, counselor, and the sub-director, and director

    Rules for students to follow:
    1) Students bring all required school supplies to school daily.
    2) Students are responsible for their own work, this means no cheating.
    3) You must listen while another person is speaking.
    4) Your classroom is to be kept clean at all times.
    5) The teacher dismisses the class, not the bell.
    6) Always try your best.

    Grades will be sent home by mail every six weeks. Listed below is the breakdown of how your student is going to be graded.


    Assessment: 40% (Every Wednesday we will have a Vocabulary Test, Math test every 2-3 weeks.)

    Course Content: 60% (District unit workbooks and class projects)

    Student’s grades will be given based on the grading scale listed below.

    A- 100%-90%     
    B- 89%-80%
    C- 79%-70% 

    F- 59%-0%

Last Modified on August 11, 2023