• Art



    ART Electives (for seventh and eighth graders)


    Beginning/Intermediate Art (for seventh and eighth grade students)

    Students do not have to have had Exploratory Art as a prerequisite, however it can be advantageous. The first semester is Beginning Art and the second semester is Intermediate Art. Students will be studying and applying the Elements of Art which are line, shape, value, texture, space, form and color; and the Principles of Design which include pattern, contrast, emphasis, rhythm and movement. Art history will be included in the making of the artwork. These lessons are based on the California Based Art Standards.

    Advanced Art (for eighth grade students)

    Mendez’s Beginning/Intermediate Art in seventh grade is a prerequisite. Standards-based Elements of Art and Principles of Design will be taught on a continuum that includes more complicated art work and varied media (art supplies) then the previous Mendez art classes. Art history will be explored in the creation of each art piece.

Last Modified on March 6, 2014