• Meaningful Activities
    Here are some meaningful activities we use in our class!

    Name:                                                               Procedures:

    Stand Up/HandUp/Pair Up                               -Community Building with Students finding what they have in


                                                                            -Students stand and mix around the room, Hi-5 to pair

                                                                            -  Take turns sharing


    Team Word Wall:                                              -Students work in pairs, then in small groups to create pictures to

                                                                            add to a class word wall.


    Carousel Sharing

                                                                             -Markers Up, hand out, equal participation

                                                                             -Students practice Read/Write/Listen/Speak as they add ideas

                  to concept posters


    Check it/Add it:                                                 -Students take notes/respond to a prompt then draw a line

                 under response.


    Go To Your Corners:                                          -Students form groups in corners of the room based on similar

                   abilities or interests then buddy up andshare.


    Pairs2:                                                                -Students pairs re-group with pairs from opposite corners and

                   share ideas.


    Team TPR:                                                         -Student groups develop gestures (TPR) to teach the class

                   about a concept:

                  “ACTION” = Group Models Gestures

                 “TAKE 2” = Class does gestures with the group


    Find Your Twin:                                                 -Students Pair up based on similar traits (shoes, shirts, etc.)

                 then share learning strategies.


    Hide and Guess:                                              -Students write a question and answer (HOTS), then have the

                 facing partner guess the answer and level ofquestion.


    Think – Pair– Share:                                          -Teacher prompts “Everyone to think…”, students then pair up

                   and share.


    Cross theLine:                                                   -Students respond to prompts from opposing viewpoints then

                  cross the line to pair and share differentperspectives.


    Music Share:                                                      -Music = Mood Motivator

                                                                             Music Plays – Students mix around the room

                                                                             Music Stops – Students Pair and Share Lists


    Snaps for Vocabulary:                                     -Students practice active listening, students listen for key

               vocabulary and snap (or acknowledge) whenthey recognize it.


    Give one/Get one:                                          -Students respond to as many questions as possible for a short

               time period. Then mix around the room to trade and teach

               ideas to fill in any blanks:

              Initials = Accountability

              In any order = Access


    Group Write:                                                 -Students write simultaneously on a poster to review

             ideas/words about the concept.


    Gallery Walk:                                                  -Thinking First, Students roam from poster to poster and

              appreciate the work.  Studentsinitial their favorite idea for