• Six Year Parent Commitment Form



    Parent Commitment Form

    Kindergarten/First Grade Dual Immersion Placement


    Student Name _____________________________________________   Grade Level: __________________


    I am requesting that my child be enrolled in the Spanish Dual Immersion Program at Jefferson Elementary. I understand that the enrollment of my child is conditional on my understanding of and commitment to the following, along with space availability:


    1.    I will read with my child for a minimum of 20-30 minutes daily in English.  I understand that this is in addition to my child’s completion of daily homework.


    2.   I do not contemplate a change of address during my child’s elementary school years.


    3.   I understand attendance and punctuality are of key importance. I commit to having my child attend school regularly and on time, except for illness and family emergencies.


    4.    I understand the Core class instruction in math, social studies, science/health, art and music is given in Spanish for 90% of the school day in kindergarten and first grade.


    5.   I understand that children enrolled in the Dual Immersion Program will most likely remain together in the program from kindergarten or first grade through fifth grade.


    6.   I will give positive reinforcement to my child and support teacher interventions. I understand it is not unusual for children to experience fatigue, tears, and/or frustration while learning a second language.  Knowing this, I will not request removal from the program for these reasons. 


    7.   I understand that my child’s classroom includes students of all academic levels. If my child is not achieving my expected level, I will not ask for a change in class assignment; I will not assume Spanish is inhibiting academic performance.


    8.   If my child experiences learning difficulties; does not respond to appropriate interventions; and is identified, through formal evaluations, as having a learning disability, I understand reassignment to a traditional classroom may or may not be recommended by the school team.


    9.   I am aware that McFadden Intermediate will continue the Dual Immersion program in sixth, seventh and eighth grade.


    10.  I have read the Thomas Jefferson Elementary Dual Immersion Program booklet.


    Parent Signature:_____________________________________    Date: _____/_____/_____


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