• Intra-District Transfers


    The second step for parents who live outside of Jefferson’s boundaries, but within the boundaries of a different Santa Ana elementary school, is to obtain an Intra-DistrictTransfer Form. For example, if your child is entering first grade and attended Kennedy Elementary for Kindergarten, you must obtain an Intra-District Transfer Form from Kennedy Elementary. If you just moved to Santa Ana, but you live within Washington Elementary’s boundaries, you must obtain an Intra-District Form from Washington Elementary.


    Fill out the intra-district transfer request Inter/Intra Transfer Link or you may request a form from Pupil Support Services, at 1801 S Poplar St. Santa Ana, CA 92704. They are open from Monday to Friday, 7:30 to 4:30 pm. Their phone number is (714)433-3481.



    The district rule is that all students attend their “home” school of residence. An Intra District Transfer request is given to a parent wanting their child to attend another SAUSD school. You must obtain the form, and choose the “special program” option offered on the Transfer Form.