Everything You Need to Pass Economics, Government, US History, and/or World History

  • Final Project Government~27 Amendments Post Cards

    You will create a post card for all 27 amendments. Each post card will have a picture on the first slide, a textbox saying which amendment it is as well as what it says about that amendment on the handout. The second slide is the bulk of the points for this assignment. You will also a "to & from" & a stamp on it. You will need to create a "scenario" on each 2nd slide to prove to me that you "get" the amendment. You will also need to tell me if you think the amendment is still relevant to today & whether or not it needs to be "tweaked"... 

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  • Final Project Economics ABC Book

    You will choose one word from each section to define (in your own words) & find a picture for.

    For example: Bb is for Bankruptcy. Someone is bankrupt when they don't have enough money to pay all their bills due to economic circumstances etc. (Then you would find a picture representing bankruptcy.)

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Last Modified on October 4, 2023