Everything You Need to Pass Economics, Government, US History, and/or World History

  • This is the "Templates" page. You get to choose how you get your points in these classes. Start with the "Directions" page first... Many of the options include using a "template" to answer a series of questions about your topic. This page has the templates you need. If you have never taken & passed my class before, you must also copy the notes...just like you see them... bullets... indented... bolded... etc... If you take notes like these in college it will really help you study for tests...so learn the "outline method" of taking notes...

    You need to give me a minimum of 20 points every day.....The Current Events, Biographies, Events in History & Places are worth 10 points for each one you do. You can usually answer the questions for three or four assignments each day. (3x10=30 points!!!)  
Last Modified on September 2, 2021