• Chromebook Repair / Replacement Costs

    -          Lost/Stolen/Missing Charger     $25

    -          Damaged Screen     $60 [HP G5 - G7]

    -          Damaged Keyboard     $60 [HP G5 - G7]

                  (includes missing key/keys)

    -          Damaged Bezel     $30 [HP G5 - G7]

    -          Damaged Top Cover     $35 [HP]

    -          Damaged Bottom Cover     $35 [HP]

    -          Lost/Stolen/Missing Chromebook     $250

    *  Please contact Mr. Jason Escalente, Computer Technician, for any questions regarding chromebook repairs and fines.



    -   Students who are able to afford internet service at home may apply for a limited supply of hotspots

    -   Hotspots allow students access to the internet.

    -   Hotspots are to remain at the home under parental supervision.

    -   Lost or stolen hotspots - students are responsible for the cost of replacement.

    Chromebook Insurance
    If you would like to purchase Chromebook insurance, there are several options (English/Spanish) available here: SAUSD Mobile Device Insurance
    Annual insurance plans cover devices over the summer months.
    For assistance with insurance options, please contact Ms. Bruner or Mr. Ramirez.
    Commonly asked questions:

    Q:   I lost my charger; can I get a new one?

    A:   Yes.  However, if you lost a charger, you will have to pay the replacement cost of $25.

    Q:   My Chromebook is damaged, what do I do?

    A:   If your Chromebook is damaged, please bring it to the Library for damage assessment.  Damage fees will be applied depending on the damage. Students will be                provided a Loaner Chromebook during the repair.  Please see Ms. Bruner or Mr. Ramirez in the library.

    Q:   What if I forgot to bring my Chromebook to school? 

    A:   Please see Ms. Bruner or Mr. Ramirez (8:30 am-2:45 pm, Mon-Fri) for a One-Day loaner. 

Last Modified on June 1, 2021