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    ALEKS: always knows what each student is ready to learn.

    ALEKS is an artificially intelligent learning and assessment system that has been used by over 25 million students for Math, Chemistry, Statistics and Accounting. After quickly and accurately determining each student's precise knowledge of a subject, ALEKS helps the student work on the topics they are ready to learn. ALEKS intelligence, content and software are unique and proprietary; they have been developed together, and work in unison. ALEKS digital content provides comprehensive course coverage. Students who do their ALEKS assignments are successful in their course!

    Differentiate. Accelerate. Achieve.

    Accelerate learning growth for all students with Achieve3000 Literacy’s differentiated content and instruction. It is proven to double and even triple expected reading gains in a single school year.

    Whether you're solving for immediate needs or planning for the future, our differentiated and targeted online solutions help students reach their academic goals. Watch the video to learn more about our flexible and proven solutions.

    PAPER: Tutoring help online

    Highly trained tutors provide unlimited, 24/7 help in any K-12 subject over Paper’s secure, interactive platform


    Computer adaptive tests adjust to each student’s learning level, providing a unique set of test questions based on their responses to previous questions. If a student gets a question wrong, the next question will be easier. If a student gets a question right, the next question will be harder. To pinpoint where students are in their learning, the goal is to answer 50 percent of the questions correctly.


    The Smarter Balanced assessment system provides accurate measures of achievement and growth while challenging students to think critically and solve real-world problems. A core principle of the Smarter Balanced system is equity and accessibility for students