7th Grade Mathematics - Mr. Smith

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    Math 7 Class

      I'm very happy to be your math teacher this school year, and I hope you enjoy it, too!  This is the syllabus for my Math 7 class, which is a document that tells you what to expect out of the class and what you need to know in order to be successful in the class.

    What You Will Learn:   When you finish this school year, you will be able to solve real world math problems using positive and negative numbers, equations, percents, proportional thinking, and formulas related to geometric shapes, like circles.

    Materials:      When you join my class online you will need: 1) notebook and pencil; 2) chromebook; 3) earbuds (if possible); 4) cell phone (if possible)

                                                laptopgirl.png              notebookpencil.png

    Attendance Policy:   Students are expected to be on time and on camera for class meetings.  Parents will be contacted when a student is absent from the class meeting.  If a student is having difficulty connecting because of technology, please email Mr. Smith to let him know.

    Grading Policy:    Some student activities carry more weight than others.  That means some activities affect your grade more than others do.  Here is the list of how your final grade will be calculated:

                      close-up photo of metal a-cut plate     Assignments     =   60%.                   

                                                Tests/Quizzes  =   20%                

                                                Participation    =   20%

                                                       Total       =   100%

    Late Work Policy:     Some assignments will be turned in during the class meetings.  Other assignments will be done by students individually, on your own, and you will need to turn them in by the due date.  If you turn in an assignment late, you can still receive full credit if you had an excused absence.  If you did not have an excused absence, your late work will be accepted up to 2 weeks late.  That late work can only earn a maximum of 70% of the total points for the assignment.


    Citizenship:      The most important word to remember about citizenship is RESPECT.   We all need to show one another respect and kindness in our discussions, chats, responses, postings, and small group interactions.  Here are a few more important aspects of online citizenship for our classroom:

    1) dress appropriately for school; 2) use earbuds or headphones when possible; 3) mute your microphone; 4) give the speaker your full attention; and 5) use appropriate words when speaking and typing.

    R.O.A.R.S.  =   Respectful  -  Organized  -  Achiever  -  Responsible  -  Safe

    Contact Information:   


    text: 949-874-1354

    Office Hours:

    I will have office hours on Google Meet

    Mon, Tue, Thur, Fri - 1:30 to 2:16pm

    Wednesday - 1:20 to 1:30pm (10 min.)

Last Modified on August 24, 2020