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Ms. Nguyen

Hello Students,

I hope you continue to practice on your math skills.  Please check your google classroom for assingment updates.  I will continue to add other resources or websites for you to work on during this time that you are at home.  I listed below your classroom code to login with.  For those who have not accepted the invitation, please do so to get information.   

Also, I will be adding quizzes from "ThatQuiz" or "Quizizz" every Friday so check your google classroom for the codes.   

Other websites to practice your math skills (below are your classcodes-look for your name and if you can't get your password, email me at and I will email you back with passwords.  

Per 2: 59FB53

Per 4: A59BFE

Per 5: 15C8AC

Per 6: A326B2

Per 7: 9FC743 You can play math games on this site. Here is the google classroom code for each class:


Period 4: 7opeilo

Period 5: ymofbat

Period 6: 3p5psr4 

Period 7: 4fsd3z4


Khan Academy (Your classes are set up and class code is below.  Copy link and if you have trouble with password, email me.)

period 2:

Period 4:

Period 5:

Period 6:

Period 7: (Please practice your math skills on this website too.  If you have trouble logging in, email me.  You all have your own accounts.)