• Welcome to Mrs. Seymour's Physical Education Class

    This is my 14th year in SAUSD and I look forward to working at Willard. It is very similar to Lathrop where I have been for the last 13 years. Willard is AMAZING and has so many great facilities I hope to be able to share with you once once we get on campus. 

    I'm a wife & mother to my son who is 11 and an avid sports player (football, basketball, baseball,& golf)

    I enjoy traveling, reading, hot yoga, swimming, golf, & family time!!!

    I welcome you to please email me with any questions or concerns you may have and togther we solve anything. Thank you for your support!!!



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    Distant Learning Class Schdule:

    Period 1: Monday & Thursday 8:15-9:35am, WEDNESDAY: 8:15-8:55am

    Period 2: Monday & Thursday 9:40-11:00am, WEDNESDAY: 8:58-9:38

    Period 3: Monday & Thursday 11:05am-12:25pm, WEDNESDAY: 9:41-10:21am

    Period 4: Tuesday & Friday 8:15-9:35am, WEDNESDAY: 10:24-11:04am

    Period 5: Prep Daily 9:40-11:00am & WEDNESDAY 11:07-11:47am

    Period 6: Tuesday & Friday 11:05am012:25pm, WEDNESDAY: 11:50am-12:30pm


    Contact Information:

    Emails: deena.seymour@sausd.us & deena.seymour@sausdlearns.net

    All classroom assignments will be posted through Google Classroom, please check GC for all codes and links.