In order to guarantee your child and all the students in my classroom, the excellent learning climate they deserve, I am utilizing the following Discipline Plan in my class and throughout the school.

    I believe all my students can behave appropriately in the classroom. In order to insure that students behave properly, I will be implementing the following class rules:

    GENERAL SCHOOL RULES – Martin Behavior Expectations

    Respectful Responsible Safe


    1. Be respectful of classmates, teachers, school staff, and school property.
    2. Be responsible by being on time and having your materials ready to learn.
    3. Be safe by keeping hands, feet, and objects to yourself.
    4. Think before you act or speak.
    5. Stay in your seat and follow directions.


             1.  Warning  

             2.   Name on the board, lose 5 minutes of recess.

             3.   Check mark on name, lose 10 minutes of recess. ClassDojo points subtracted.

             4.   Parents notified, lose all of recess. ClassDojo points subtracted.

             5.   Administrators notified, lost recess and lunch playtime. ClassDojo points subtracted.

    The teacher will document inappropriate behavior and will contact the parent(s) if necessary.



    1. Teacher’s praise and other students’ respect. ClassDojo point added. Flyer ticket earned.
    2. Each trimester, the top 10 students with the most ClassDojo points will receive a special lunch treat.
    3. Each week, students can submit their Flyer tickets to be entered in a schoolwide drawing for prizes.

    It is in your child’s best interest that we work together in relation to his/her schooling.  Thank you for your help with the discipline program. Please sign below and return that portion to school.  If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me.



    HOMEWORK PLAN  2022-2023

    The Santa Ana Unified School District’s Board Policy 6170 and Administrative regulations 6170 regarding homework state that “the homework program will be effective when everyone involved demonstrates a commitment to and responsibility for its success.” Responsible individuals include the principal, teacher, student, and parent. The following daily amount of time devoted to homework represents a minimum amount of time that homework assigned should require:

    Kindergarten/First 20-30 minutes per day

    Second 20-30 minutes per day

    Third 30-45 minutes per day

    Fourth 45-60 minutes per day

    Fifth 60 minutes per day


    At Glenn L. Martin Elementary School and in my classroom, your child will have homework daily, Monday through Friday.  Every child is expected to read for at least 30 minutes a day. Below you will find my classroom homework schedule, my expectations, and your child’s responsibilities in fulfilling his/her homework.

    Please encourage your child to take responsibility for his/her learning by completing homework every day. Parents will be notified if homework is not completed and your child will have to complete them in class or during recess time.

    • Read 30 minutes daily

    • Practice multiplication facts

    • ELA page

    • Math page

    • Any unfinished classwork or other work assigned

    • Get the supervising adult’s signature on the Student Planner