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    Here at Glenn L. Martin, students and staff are dedicated to ensuring success for our students not just for today but also for the future.  Students engage daily in exercises that build confidence, strengthen word usage and enlighten minds.   At Martin we do not squander our opportunities to guide each child on their path to success, and our students maintain focus and do their utmost to achieve.  Our library is a haven for independent learning, dream chasing and free thought; smiling faces are a reflection of the effectiveness of such environments.  Happy people are productive people. A library's benefit surpasses the simple circulation of books; however, reading is the goal, as it is the basis for learning, and we at Martin have an abundance of enthusiastic readers and learners.

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    Our Library Media Technician

    James Cuevas is our wonderful school library media technician. He does a wonderful job of keeping our library organized and orderly.   We use Accelerated Reader, and our books are labeled by reading level.




    If any parents are interested in volunteering, we have opportunities to volunteer in the library  with reshelving and labeling AR books.  If you are interested in volunteering, please call Mr. Cuevas at (714)480-8000.
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