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  • Fremont Elementary

    History of the School's Name

     John C. Fremont
    John C. Fremont was born in Savannah, Georgia on January 21, 1813. The magnetic and legendary Fremont, nicknamed "Pathfinder," became a national hero early in life for his trailblazing exploits in the Far West, especially California. A leader in wresting control of California for the United States, he served as one of the state's first senators and got rich in the Gold Rush. Fremont's popularity and his antislavery position were equally instrumental in his being chosen the Republican Party's first presidential nominee in 1856, the youngest man yet to run for the office. During the Civil War, Fremont was the most celebrated of four major generals appointed by President Lincoln. As a Union general, Fremont's major Civil War contribution was to focus Union attention on the role emancipation of slaves should play in the North's war policy. After the Civil War ended, Fremont worked in the railroad industry and served for a time as the territorial governor of Arizona.  He died in New York City on July 13, 1890.

    Date Built and/or Occupied


    School Mascot

    Golden Bear

    The "Golden Bear" is a grizzly bear, the California state mammal, and appears on our state flag.  We share the Golden Bear as our mascot with one of the top universities in the state, the University of California, Berkeley.  The "Golden Bear" was chosen by Fremont as a mascot because John C. Fremont led the "Bear Flag Revolution".

    Famous People Who Have Attended

    Roman A. Reyna: Served as a Santa Ana Council Member.

    Tammy Tran: Served as District Director for the 34th California State Senate District.

    Richard Valle: Retired principal from SAUSD.

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