• Fremont School Site Council
    Our School Site Council is made up of our kids parents, and is mainly responsible for providing a process for involvement of parents in the recommendation for usage of Categorical Funds as well as provide input to the Single Plan for Student Achievement. These funds are provided by the State of California and the Federal Government to provide specific educational activities at our school site. Many of the activities and opportunities that have been included in the past are as follows:
    • Technology
    • Tutoring
    • Books
    • Parent Training 
    Meetings typically take place on the last Wednesday of each month at 2:45 PM. They are held in the office and are usually finished by 3:45PM. This is an important role, so it is imperative that each council member is punctual and maintain attendance.
    If interested in running for School Site Council, please go to our front office to pick up a form.