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    Speech and Debate is an academic activity that challenges students to study, present and argue on a number of topics in a public speaking manner. Students who participate in speech events often memorize, rehearse, and present a scripted piece of text. It some cases this can often appear as if the student is acting out a scene. In debate students are given a specified topic and then are asked to argue the pros and cons in order to convince an audience to support their side. Regardless of the event, the requirements of Speech and Debate ultimately challenges students to take their reading, writing, and speaking skills to the next level.

    Sierra Preparatory Academy has been fortunate enough to have a speech a debate class for a number of years. However, in the last two years the Sierra Speech and Debate team has competed in two district-wide competitions against the other Intermediate schools in Santa Ana. Last year we placed 4th overall as a team, while this year we took 2nd place.  Not only do we have a Speech and Debate class but we also have a club after school for interested students to join. The students on our team work extremely hard and are dedicated in their goal of making sure Sierra Preparatory Academy has one of the best teams in Orange County. 

    Instructor: Ms. Weber