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    Cafeteria Manager:  Jim Garcia
    Florencia Najera
    Cafeteria Assistant:  Florencia Najera
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    in the cafeteria
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    Lunch Area and Playground Rules


    Students are expected to reflect the Esqueda Elementary School Code of Conduct at all times in the lunch area and on the playground.  Students are expected to use self-discipline and to show respect and courtesy to one another.




    1.    Students buying hot lunches will line up in a quiet, orderly manner and listen to instructions from activity supervisors.


    2.    Students are to enter the outside lunch area in a quiet, orderly fashion and report to their assigned lunch tables.  A normal tone of voice is to be used.  Shouting, yelling or screaming will not be permitted.


    On inclement weather days, lunch will be eaten in the activity area or the classroom.


    3.    Milk will be sold at a separate area close to the Food Service area.


    4.    Students are to remain seated until the activity supervisor excuses their class.  If a student’s class has been excused and he/she has not finished, the child finishes eating at another table that has been designated for that purpose.


    5.    Students are excused by the supervisors.  Trash must be removed from the tables and ground area.


    6.    Students must walk on the blacktop as they exit the lunch area.


    7.    No food may be taken from the lunch area.


    8.    No gum is to be brought to school or chewed at school at any time.


    9.    Lunch boxes are to be neatly placed in designated areas and retrieved at the end of lunch recess.