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    Playground Rules  
    Playground Rules
    Playground Rules
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    1. Students are expected to participate in appropriate organized game activities.  There is no chasing.


    1. No pushing shoving, wrestling, fighting, or Kung-fu type activities are allowed. Students are expected to participate in approved, organized games and activities.  The game “nation ball” is not permitted.


    1. Jump ropes are to be used for jumping and should never be tied together, tied on playground equipment, or to any student. Ropes are to be turned over and over rather than swinging around and around near the ground.  Jump ropes connected to the rope poles are not to be disconnected.


    1. There is no running on the blacktop.


    1. Students are never to throw objects, such as rocks in any manner.  Rocks should be picked up and placed in trash containers.  Broken glass is to be reported to the teacher or supervisor on duty.


    1. Children are to stand in a single line while waiting their turns on the equipment.  Upon completion of a turn, all children proceed to the end of the line.  There is no saving of places or “cutting”.  Children must wait outside of the sand area for their turn on any playground equipment.


    1. Students are not to climb trees or fences. Students are always to walk and never run on the blacktop.


    1. No personal play equipment is to be brought to school. This includes toys, playing cards, marbles, knives, dolls, balls, etc.  Baseball mitts for students will be allowed with teacher approval.


    1. Balls are never to be bounced against the buildings.


    1. If a ball goes off the school grounds, it should be reported to the supervisor in charge.  The supervisor will assist in retrieving the ball.  Students may retrieve a ball from the parking lot with supervision only.  No student is permitted to go into the street for a ball.



    1. Students are to stay out of water puddles in wet weather both on blacktop and in the field.


    1. Students are to play on the playground side of the red line near the building.


    1. Upon hearing the freeze bell, students are to stop playing, stand up, and wait quietly until the supervisors signal for them to walk to their lines. Students are to walk back and line up in their assigned areas in a quiet and orderly manner.


    1. All staff members will be treated with respect by students.  There will be no mocking or insolence allowed by students to staff members.



    Playground Problem Solving


    Esqueda students are taught simple problem solving strategies to help them solve playground problems on their own. This method should be discussed and even used at home for reinforcement. The method is called Walk, Talk, or Rock.


    1. Walk: If a student does not agree with a situation, the student can just walk away and play somewhere else.
    2. Talk: The children having the dispute will step out of the way and try to reach an agreeable decision that they are both happy with (a win/win situation).
    3. Rock: Many playground situations can be solved by playing a single game of paper, scissors, rock. Arguments such as who got to the ball, court, drinking fountain, line, etc. first can be solved using this method. This method can also be used if the judge did not see what happened in a game.