• Child Find Process

    Child Find days are offered for students enrolled in private schools and for preschool age children.  The process is as follows:

    ·        Parent or guardian contacts the Special Education Department, at (714) 285-4600, for an appointment to attend a Child Find screening.

    ·        Parents are given an opportunity to bring their child to a Child Find Day, which offers a developmental screening.

    ·        Child Find Day results are shared with parents at the end of the screening, with three possible outcomes:

    o Student's skills are found to be within normal limits.  Parents referred to community resources and/or preschools.

    o Student is referred to a pre-referal speech program.  Contacts and appointments are finalized prior to parents leaving the Child-Find day.

    o Student demonstrates skills that present a possible area of concern. Student is referred to District assessment teams. 

Last Modified on May 22, 2019