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    To instill in cadets the values of citizenship, service to the United States,

    personal responsibility, and a sense of accomplishment.

    Introduction To NJROTC

    As a JROTC cadet you are embarking on one of the most interesting and valuable educational experiences of your high school career. In JROTC you will be given the chance to participate in your education and will learn to be a better citizen. The program provides you with tools and skills you can use to succeed in high school, but far more important, these tools and skills will be useful for the remainder of your life.


    You will learn to:

    • Appreciate the ethical values that underline good citizenship. Citizenship, taught through a study of history and government, demonstrates the importance of commitment and strengthens your character and resolve as you grow. You will learn to make ethical decisions based on core values.
    • Develop leadership potential and learn to live and work cooperatively with others. Teamwork and leadership, within teams and groups, are essential to the smooth operation of any organization. You will learn leadership to increase your skills, not only to lead, but to also work as a member of a team. Service, drills, challenges, and other competitions make learning teamwork and leadership challenging and fun.
    • Think logically and communicate effectively both orally and in writing. You will learn important skills in writing, reading, and test taking that will allow you to excel in your classes outside JROTC. You will learn basic problem solving, financial planning, and conflict resolution life skills that will help you live in the modern world.
    • Appreciate the importance of physical fitness in maintaining good health. Fitness, wellness, and good nutrition are necessary to perform as a citizen and a leader. JROTC will teach you what needs to be done to become fit and to maintain that fitness. Instruction will be provided on how your brain functions, how you can maximize your learning and effectiveness, and how to avoid pitfalls such as substance abuse.
    • Understand ways to resist negative peer pressure and support others. It is one thing to know how to make better choices for yourself and another to teach others to do the same. Through service learning you will be able to help others to develop the positive strategies you have learned that will enhance their quality of life.
    • Develop mental management abilities. You will be able to assess your skills and learn to make more logical, positive decisions and choices. You will learn how to set goals and develop an action plan that will help you to achieve those goals. As you become a better citizen, a better leader, and a better team member your self-esteem will fly. Your “Can Do” attitude will show beyond JROTC.
    • Become familiar with military history as it relates to America’s culture and with the history, purpose, and structure of the military services. Learn not only about important events in our history, but also about their effect on our society. Discover the role the military services play in supporting the nation.
    • Understand the importance of high school graduation to a successful future. Develop the means and motivation to graduate from high school and to pursue a meaningful life.
    • Learn about college and other advanced educational and employment opportunities and develop the skills necessary to work effectively as a member of a team. You will learn about the many varied opportunities that are available to you upon graduation. The foundation and competency skills required to work effectively are ingrained throughout the curriculum. 




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