14 Things Cadet Parents Need to Know


    1)      NJROTC Teachers

    a)      1stSgt Adam Sandercock, office phone: 714-567-4944

    b)      Master Sergeant Luis Guardado, office: 714-567-4959

    c)      TBA, office: 714-567-4947

    d)      Email for all three instructors: sahsnjrotc@gmail.com

    e)      Calendar: www.sausd.us/sahs.  Select “Departments’, “NJROTC”, “Calendar”

    f)       Sign Up Here

    2)      OUR School Web-Site:      https://www.sausd.us/Domain/2433

                   Please visit our site to see what we are doing, where we are going, what is coming up!!


    3)      Weekly Schedule.  Our normal weekly schedule for cadets is:

    Naval Science Classes (0 thru 7th periods)                                                        

    Monday: Uniforms/Classroom Academics                                                                           

    Tuesday:  PT                                                                                                    

    Wednesday:  Classroom Academics                                                                              

    Thursday:  PT                                                          

    Friday:  Leadership                                               


    NJROTC Drill (0 & 7th period

    Monday:  Drill

    Tuesday:  Classroom Drill

    Wednesday:  Uniform/Drill-Team Exposure/Color Guard/Guidon

    Thursday: Drill/Air Rifle

    Friday:  Drill/PT                                                


    4)      NO MILITARY OBLIGATION: This is a high school elective, nothing more.


    5)      Community Service:  6 hours/semester required or grade is reduced by one grade (cannot fail).


    6)      Uniform:  Free. No cost to cadet to be in the unit. Uniforms must be worn all day at school on the assigned uniform day(normally Mondays)!


    7)      Classroom (Room 16-19) Hours:  6:30 am to 4 pm.  The room may be open longer on some days.


    8)      Team Practices: Normally from 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm (may go a bit longer prepping for competitions).


    9)      Sports Physicals:  Required for all cadets.  Free physicals are available.


    10)  Male haircuts:  Natural color. Hair neat and trim, taper to the skin on the sides and back.  No longer than 4 inches on top.  Sideburns to the middle of the ear.


    11)  Female hair:  Natural color. Worn in a French Braid or bun whenever wearing unit Red T-Shirt or Uniform. You must be able to wear a cover on your head.


    12)  Uniform care:  Should be the cadet’s responsibility.  The uniform shirt and belt can be washed at home.  The pants should be hung up on a pants hanger and dry cleaned at least once per month.  The night prior to a uniform day should include uniform preparation (shoe shining, pressing shirt/pants, putting on pins and ribbons) as NJROTC homework.


    13)  NJROTC is MUCH more than just another class.  We have many opportunities for your child to get involved.  We DO NOT want to see a cadet try to do it all, but we do encourage them to find one or two areas they enjoy.

    a)    9 competitive teams with no prior experience required.

    b)      Community service opportunities (recycling, Color Guard events, Toys-4-Tots, Beach Clean Up and more).

    c)    School service opportunities (back to school night, open houses, graduation, teacher of the year ceremony, etc.)


    14)  When in doubt, check the Cadet Field Manual & Cadet Reference Manual.  Written for new cadets to explain how to wear a uniform, where everything goes on the uniform, how to march, the General Orders, their Chain of command and what they need to know for their first year.