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    What is the Accelerated Reader (AR) program?
      Accelerated Reader is a computer program which allows students to takequizzes on books they have read. Students receive instant feedback in the form of a percentage correct score.

    Why should my child participate?
      Studiesshow that the best way to increase reading ability, fluency, and comprehensionis by practicing the act of reading itself. Improvement is most noticeable when practice is within the child's reading level zone.

    What is my child's "reading zone"?
      The "Zone of Proximal Development" (ZPD) refers tothe ideal reading level range within which your child should select books. It provides just the right balance of challenge and ease of readingindependence.

    How is my child's reading level determined?
      Your child will take the Standard Test of Achievement inReading (STAR), which determines a grade level equivalent. For example, a level of 2.6 means that on this test, your child read and answered questions at the level of an average student in the sixth month of secondgrade.

    How can I determine if a book falls within my child's Reading Zone?  
    Most of the books from our school library are marked with the reading level and point value on the book spine. You may also visit the AR Book find site to search for any book level online, click here to search for AR titles. By searching the offerings of AR Book Find, you will be able to check the reading level of many books you may have in your home.

    How does the point system work?
      Points are assigned to each AR book based on its length and level of difficulty. Students earnpoints based on their percentage correct on each quiz. Some teachersmay assign point goals for their students, however, most teachers focus on passing at 80% or above. 

    Why would my child fail an AR quiz?
     Perhaps s/he readthe book too quickly, or was not concentrating while reading. Maybe the bookwas near the high end of his/her reading zone. If the book was a lengthyone, and s/he took a long time to finish the reading, details of the bookmay have been forgotten. You can help by encouraging your child to try anotherbook.


    I know my child can read more difficult books than this. Can he or she take quizzes on books above her zone?  
      AR quizzes are designed to test students on details found in the book. When a student is reading abook with a level that is above his or her ability level, s/hemay be concentrating more on decoding harder words and sentences, and may lose the underlying meaning of the text. At Garfield students are only allowed to take test within their ZPD. 

    Can my child take tests on books that are below his or her reading zone?
    We all love to read books that are at our interest level. Some of these books are easy for us to read, and that isok. To grow as a reader, however, children should challenge themselves with books that contain more difficult text. Students are allowed totake tests that are below their reading level, but we should be a bit concernedif a child is reading a great number of "easy" books, simply toaccumulate AR points. That would defeat the purpose of AR, which is to motivatekids to grow as readers. If a student is falling into this pattern, a teacherwill most likely counsel him/her regarding book choices.

    Are there AR quizzes for picture books?
      There are quizzes for many picture books, many with reading levels as high as fifth or sixth grade.

    What can I do to help with Accelerated Reader 
      Encourage reading at home each night!


    Search for AR levels, points and quiz numbers: AR Bookfinder

Last Modified on May 23, 2021