Attire & Etiquette for Legal Presentations and Competitions

  • Attire for  Men and Women

    What you need to know

    For new members to the Law Academy the real first challenge is deciding what to wear! Never fear, this guide is here to help you create just the right outfit for all of your legal needs.

    For the guys:

    Attire for Men

    As is normally the case, men have it a lot easier than women when it comes to fashion. The expected dress code for a guy is pretty simple; slacks, long sleeve buttoned shirt (tucked into pants), tie, dress shoes, and dress socks. A suit is not required to compete in law competitions but is highly encouraged. General guidelines:

    • Traditionally black, blue or grey suit, white shirt, and a solid primary colored ties (power colors)
    • No zoot suits, cream colored suits, or ties with cartoon animals on them
    • White athletic socks are not appropriate

    For the ladies:

    Attire for Women

    Ladies have more options. The general rule is business attire. This can mean a suit jacket, blouse, and skirt or pants. It can also mean a dress that is appropriate for an office environment. General guidelines:

    • Skirts of an appropriate length, i.e. when sitting down the skirt should reach the top of the knee
    • Sensible shoes - heels should be 2 inches or under and NOT party shoes
    • Tasteful, understated jewelry and make-up
    • See-through or overly tight clothing is not appropriate


    Always be kind and respectful toward your competitors.

    • Don't trash talk any teams ever.
    • You are always on. You are always being watched. Please watch how you act and what you say.
    • Be prompt for your rounds.
    • Use the proper name when addressing people ie. Mr., Mrs., Ms., Sir, Ma'am. Please always use their last names and NOT their first names.
    • Applaud for your competitors.
    • Thank your judges and shake their hands.
    • Stay until the end of the tournament so you can applaud your teammates and show Saints spirit.