• TK through fifth-grade students will be utilizing the Mind Research Institute’s “ST Math” computer program that features a penguin named JiJi. This program uses spatial and temporal reasoning to present and teach mathematical concepts.


    JiJi is the central character in the ST Math program, which was developed by the MIND Research Institute, a non-profit organization in Southern California founded by three UC scientists. The scientists used their research in neuroscience, mathematics, and education to create a visual math program that teaches complicated spatial reasoning concepts. Students must help JiJi get across the computer screen by solving patterns and removing obstacles. The spatial reasoning concepts help students visualize spatial patterns and mentally manipulate them over a time-ordered sequence of spatial transformations. ST Math: Gr.2-5 is comprehensive, grade-level math courseware aligned to state math standards.

    Benefits of MIND Programs:

    • Innovative visual approach teaches math concepts
    • Comprehensive courseware aligns to state standards
    • Increases state standardized test scores for students, classes and schools
    • Game metaphor engages students who have struggled with conventional approaches in math and learning
    • Language-independent software lessons reduce the language barrier to learning math
    • RAMP™ instructional design teaches students at every level of academic proficiency
    • Innovative games train students in multi-step problem-solving
    • Self-paced courseware makes teaching easier and more productive

    For more information: http://www.mindresearch.net/