• Transitional Kindergarten

    Kindergarten students with big letters
    Due to the new SB 1381 Law,
    children who turn five years old between September 1st and December 2nd
    will now be enrolled in the Transitional Kindergarten Program
    instead of into the Traditional Kindergarten Classroom.
    Just like Traditional Kindergarten, Transitional Kindergarten will consist of the following:

    Letters & Sounds

    Learning letter names and sounds
    Learning how to use sounds to make words


    Practicing reading high-frequency words
     Learning story sequence
    Learning about main characters and settings
    Practicing writing letters independently
     Reading small booklets alone

    Thinking Maps

    Learn how to visualize the thinking process


    Drawing and writing
    Learn how to use thinking maps to assist in independent writing

    Learn how numbers correspond to quantities
    Learn how to put numbers together and take them apart
    Learn about shapes

    Learn about sequencing events
    Learn all about science facts
    New aspects within the Transitional Kindergarten Program alone consist of:

    Utilizing iPads within all content areas
    Integrating the new AWARDS Program into literacy
    Integrating the ST Math Program on the iPads
    Designating areas for creativity and innovation through art, music, and movement
    High focus on language and social-emotional development
    Strong emphasis on collaboration