• SAUSD Digital Library Collections for Online Reading

    SAUSD Colecciones de bibliotecas digitales para lectura en línea


    Sora provides the quickest and easiest way to get started with digital titles from our school. Students can log in using their sausdlearns.net account and immediately access hundreds of eBooks and audiobooks on almost any device. Get started today at https://soraapp.com/library/santaanausd or download the free Sora app for Android or iOS. The app is already installed on all student Chromebooks. For easy access on other devices, our school’s setup code is: SantaAnaUSD

    Found the book you want, but it's already checked out? Place a hold.

    Can't find a title you're searching for? Request a book to be added to the SAUSD Sora collection: Student Book Request Form

    How-to for language search / Cómo hacer para la búsqueda de idiomas:

       Click search, then advanced search, then language = spanish / Haga clic en buscar, luego en búsqueda avanzada, luego idioma = español

         Website help link / Enlace de ayuda del sitio web: https://help.soraapp.com/en-us/5047.htm

    How to navigate Sora / Cómo navegar por Sora:

          English: Helpful tips to guide you through Sora.

         Español: Consejos útiles para guiarte a través de Sora.


    TeachingBooks.net has tons of information about many of your favorite books and authors, including some full text read-alouds. Login not required. https://www.teachingbooks.net/tb.cgi?a=1&adv=title&go=1&bookResource=reading_complete


    Tumblebooks has over 550 titles which include animated talking picture books, books in English, French and Spanish, read-alongs, non-fiction books and National Geographic Videos. This link will log into SAUSD's subscription automatically. http://www.tumblebooks.com/library/auto_login.asp?U=sausd&P=books


    Epic! for the classrooms.  If your teacher does not already have a class code for their student, use btl5186. www.getepic.com/students


    Other free online reading options.

    Otras opciones gratuitas de lectura en línea.

    Project Gutenberg: https://www.gutenberg.org/

    The Library of Congress: http://read.gov/kids/

    Storyline Online: https://www.storylineonline.net/

    Open Library: https://openlibrary.org/

    Open Culture: http://www.openculture.com/free_ebooks    http://www.openculture.com/freeaudiobooks

    Read Conmigo: https://www.readconmigo.org/library

    The Spanish Experiment: https://www.thespanishexperiment.com/stories

     or / o

    Click link below for full listing of all SAUSD digital library collections

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    Library Database

    Base de datos de la biblioteca



    Britannica School

    Thousands of up-to-date, curated, and curriculum-relevant articles, images, videos, audio clips, primary sources, maps, research tools, recommended Web sites, and three separate databases.



    Britannica Escolar

    Spanish-Language resource for nativespeakers, bilingual students, and students learning spanish.


    Britannica Image Quest

    Millions of rights-cleared images from one trusted site.


    Britannica Original Sources

    Hundreds of thousands of primary source documents in history, literature, science, law, politics, religion, and more.



    To access off network, see the Database Login Guide (must use sausdlearns Google account to access this document). 


    Proquest Culture Grams

    Concise cultural information on countries around the world.

    (Grades 3-12)

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