• Disaster Drill
    Teachers please review with your students the following steps so they are aware of what to expect during the drill.
    • Announce Duck and Cover - Earthquake Drill.
    • Students and teacher get under the tables in the "duck and cover" position.
    • Fire Alarm rings or may not ring.
    • Exit the building quietly, hands behind back.
    • Classes go outside and line-up in the class assigned number.
    • Teacher takes roll and has a student walk to Rita or Tammi.
    • After roll taken all classes sit down.
    • Teachers on teams turn their class over to assigned buddy and report to Emergency Operation Center (Mizera, Rita or Tammi) table over room 18.
    Reminder for Teachers
    • If you were assigned to one of the teams make sure to review the information about your specific function.
    • The Parental Communication Team will have a table by Mrs. Kovash's area to release the students.  This team will send the Reunion Team Runners to get the student from your classes.  Make sure you don't check any student to the parents.  They will have to go to the Parental Communication Team by the Broadway gate if they wish to take their children.
    • A copy of the release form will be given to you so that you can note on your roll that the child was checked out.
    • Please, you need a current copy of your roll book and give a copy to your buddy