• Technology Rules & Procedures

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    In helping to maintain our computer labs
    in their best condition, our Taft Tigers
    cooperate and abide by the rules and procedures.

    Taft Tigers are Respectful, Responsible, and Safe! 

    Taft Tigers are RESPECTFUL 

    Taft Tigers are RESPONSIBLE  

    Taft Tigers are


     Work quietly on the iPad/Chromebooks  

     Open up and exit out of the program/internet when instructed to  

    Keep all food and drinks away from the iPad/Chromebooks

    Remain in our seats while working    

    Keep our hands on our own iPad/Chromebooks  

    Place our earphones/headphones on and off gently  

     Place earphones/headphones gently on the iPad/Chromebooks  

    Raise our hand if we have a question  

    Nicely straighten out our working area     

      Push in our chairs when done working on our iPad/Chromebooks stations   

    Limit our talking and use positive behavior choices while working on the iPad/Chromebooks 

    Make sure our

    work area is clean    

    Keep our hands on the keyboard and/or mouse only and only touch the monitor screen when instructed by the teacher

     Always remain with our iPad/Chromebook and only leave it alone when instructed to do so by the teacher  

    Only access the internet/program instructed to use by the teacher  

    Use the keyboard pad and mouse {if using one} gently  

    Only print documents when given permission    

    Only use programs and tools in appropriate ways

    Respect the computers and equipment  

    Keep all iPad/Chromebook settings alone  

    Report any problems to your teacher    


Last Modified on May 23, 2023