• Ms. Boullon was graduated from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo (Go Mustangs!) a long time ago.  Her major was journalism with a concentration in Public Relations.  Her first job after college was in the Marketing and Media Department at Del Mar Thoroughbred Club, where she interviewed celebrities and dignitaries who visited the Del Mar racetrack.  Later, she wrote publicity articles for newspapers in order to heighten the awareness and enjoyment of Thoroughbred racing.
    After working at Del Mar, Ms. Boullon attended Chapman College, where she earned her teaching credential as well as a Master of Science degree.  She taught 2nd and 3rd grades at Monroe before coming to McFadden to teach 6th grade language arts and social studies.
    Additionally, Ms. Boullon is an avid athletic participant.  She loves running, swimming, and riding horses.  She loves to run along the beach trail where she lives with her three dogs:  Koa, Bella, and Shammy.  During the summer, when the water is warmer, she also competes in one mile ocean swims.  Her favorite thing to do outside of school, however, is riding and jumping horses. 
    Ms. Boullon combined her love of traveling and her lifelong love of horses to go on a horse riding holiday to Ireland this past summer.  While she was really afraid to drive on the "wrong" side of the rode (they drive on the left side in Ireland!), she practiced, practiced, and practiced and only lost a hubcap before getting used to driving on the opposite side of the road.  She also discovered that it was quite fun and satisfying to conquer her fears.  While in Ireland, Ms. Boullon ran in a 10-mile race in the mountains of Wicklow, Ireland a city in Ireland.  She also galloped horses along the beach and jumped in huge fields of green grass, where she had to dodge sheep, cattle, and Connemara ponies.
    Finally, Ms. Boullon is more excited than ever to have a fun, successful and rewarding 2011-12 year for her students.  WELCOME!  SIXTH GRADE MCFADDEN SCOTS RULE!
Last Modified on August 22, 2011