It is our goal at McFadden Intermediate to help students participate in lifelong activities that lead to better fitness. We do not focus on the competitive nature of the sport but help students learn games in a non-treating, positive environment where cooperation and teamwork are the primary objectives. Students are likely to increase their participation in sports if they have fun playing them.

    Our program offers many opportunities for students to become physically active. In keeping with the state framework for physical education we offer varied activities designed for each specific grade level. We build a strong foundation at the 6th grade level, emphasizing individual gross and fine motor skills along with cooperative games: 7th grade there is an emphasis upon individual sports, i.e. racquet sports, Frisbee; and 8th grade there is an emphasis upon team sports where sportsmanship, cooperation, and leadership are emphasized. Through these experiences we hopefully can instill in our students a sense of personal responsibility to maintain a healthy body and appreciate the quality of life that comes with being physically and mentally fit.


    Physical Fitness Program

    Fitness testing is done twice a year. We do a pre-test on ALL students at the beginning of the year, testing on flexibility, upper body strength, cardiovascular endurance, and abdominal strength, Students are again tested in the spring where, hopefully, improvement is seen in all areas. Fitness is an integral part of our yearly physical education program with students exercising and running throughout the year. We also have students complete their own "Fitness for life Portfolio" where students monitor their progress, set fitness goals for themselves, and evaluate their progress.


    P.E. Rules and Regulations

    All students are recommended to be in the McFadden P.E. uniform which consists of black shorts, gray t-shirt, tennis shoes and sock's each day. They may wear sweats of any color on the day that it is cold, however, their uniform must be underneath the sweats. Should a student forget (or not find) their uniform, it is recommended they get loaner P.E. clothes for the day. Failure to do so will result in disciplinary action. Students also need to purchase a combination lock and will be assigned a P.E. locker (there is to be NO sharing of lockers.)

    Clothes and locks may be purchased through the P.E. department at the following cost:

    Gray P.E. Shirt -- $10.00
    Black P.E. Shorts -- $10.00
    Combination lock -- $5.00

    Students must be inside the locker room when the bell rings; failure to do so will result in and unexcused tardy, Students are given 5 minutes in which to dress and are to go outside and sit down on their roll call number. Students are also given 10 minutes in which to change back into their street clothes.

    The following are not allowed: Gum chewing, food, ANY glass containers, aerosol hair sprays, running inside the locker room, sharing of lockers, or touching/hitting another student.


    Medical Excuses

    Students can be excused from activity with a note from home for up to (3) days, however we do ask that they still dress for P.E. After three (3) days, the student MUST have a note from a doctor excusing him/her from physical activity. There are NO exceptions!!


    Student's success in our program is determined by measuring effort and improvement. Our system is designed to maximize each student's chances for success. A student's quarter grade is objectively determined by averaging grades for that quarter including any written work. Points are taken off for any infraction of the rules. Students who make an effort to do their best in each activity and follow the rules will get a good grade.

    Physical Education Department

    The McFadden Intermediate Physical Education staff is actively involved in expanding and improving the program each. It is a goal of the department to provide classroom instruction that includes written lessons in area such as nutrition, wellness, personal hygiene, and sports history.

    Jamie Caffrey, Jaime Chavez, & Nancy Gipson





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Last Modified on August 2, 2022