• Welcome! (Monday March 16, 2020)

    Students please log on to edmodo classroom for announcements, lessons and assignments. Reminder! Aleks topics due Sunday by 9pm!


    Thank you! 


                                                 Edmodo Classroom Codes

    Period 1 Math7                                                       fh2fzi

    Period 2 Math 7                                                      s8bxgf

    Period 3 Math 7H                                                   4urpmb

    Period 4 Math 7                                                      nzasyb

    Period 6 Math 7                                                      h6zcmd


                                 How to join or download Edmodo

    Instructions for Students:

    Visit edmodo.com using your smartphone or computer to sign up.
    Type in your name, google email, and class code to create an account


    Create an Edmodo account 

    Login to your Edmodo account

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