Origin of PTA on McFadden Campus

    McFadden's Parent Teacher Student Association was chosen by ballot on October 12, 1965 to represent the parents and teachers of McFadden and is still very active today.

    McFadden is proud of it active and very supportive Parent Teacher Student Association (P.T.S.A.). This important organization is busy coordinating programs for parents, teachers, and students, and the overall well - being of the school. McFadden's PTSA promotes outstanding student achievement by sponsoring a quarterly celebration luncheon for Principal's Honor Roll students and a celebration nutrition break for Honor Roll students. They purchased Pentathlon shirts for each of our Pentathlon Teams this year. That reward students who have improved academically, students who read the most pages in our monthly reading contest. They sponsor a Valentines Day dance, our eighth grade Promotion Dance. They have provided the school with landscaping, our marquee, and with family nights at McFadden with performances from the Performing Arts Center. They volunteer time at school and publish the McFadden parent newsletter. The PTSA at McFadden is an integral part of the school. Please join now. It will be well worth your time. Your child will benefit and so will you.

Last Modified on July 18, 2007