"Eduvating" 21st Century Learning

    Through Global Pathways



     All McFadden Institute of Technology (MIT) students and staff will work to their highest level of ability to become educational innovators (Eduvators) for the 21st Century and become global citizens through cultural understanding and respect.


     McFadden Institute of Technology (MIT) is committed to move beyond the basics and embracing the essential skills needed for the 21st Century by implementing Common Core State Standards, building autonomy through mastery and purpose, and creating a positive global school culture and climate. It is our mission to prepare all students for success in life by making sure that they are college and career ready by the time they transition to high school. With that end in mind, we are committed to providing equitable access to all our students with global education and exposure to technology and the arts and instilling the notion of becoming lifelong learners.

    Global Pathways

    AVID Schoolwide
    • Focused notes schoolwide
    • WICOR strategies
       Engineering and Design
       Flight and Space 
            Computer Science 
       Medical Detectives 
         • Visual Arts
    Dual Language Academy
    Pathway to Biliteracy
    • Spanish Electives-Alignment of all Spanish curriculum with high school courses for high school credit



Last Modified on February 15, 2023